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7 Intriguing Signs Your Soul Has Walked This Earth Before

by | Feb 11, 2018 | Spirituality | 0 comments

Souls are said to be immortal and thus capable of birth over and over again. Through these unique experiences, individuals have learned their lessons, have encountered different situations and significantly evolve spiritually. Finally, individuals graduate from physical birth. There are several theories that explain why this kind of process exists. That being said, many are surely curious about reincarnation and the physical signs of reincarnation.

At one point, you will ask yourself “have l lived before? Have I walked this Earth before?” While not all individuals believe in the idea or concept of reincarnation, this has become the basis of many discussions and even the basis of religion. There are also those who believe that once a person is reincarnated they can be another person, a dog, a tree, a butterfly or any other creature in this world. There may be many different theories as to why this would occur but no one or nothing has really proven the reason why our soul is said to be transferred this special way.

Discover 7 Intriguing Signs Your Soul Has Walked This Earth Before

Do you really believe that you are an old soul? Have you ever experienced memories that you don’t really believe are your own? Here are seven signs that you have probably walked this life before:

  1. You ‘ve Got Memories that Don’t Really Fit With Your Present Life
  2. Most usually experienced by young individuals, they wind up reviewing memories clearly that did not happen in their present life. While these memories may not bode well in the first place, there are times that some can really end up being precise. For instance, a youthful kid may review being killed, which clearly did not happen in this life, nonetheless, details of this memory may lead experts to a man’s body that had vanished a very long time. These memories are fantastically striking and comprising of numerous details.

  1. You’ve Got Stronger Emphatic Abilities
  2. Empathic capacities pertain to a person’s capacity to experience and then share the sentiments and feelings of other people around them. They battle being in crowded spaces and places as it can be very overpowering in times that they can’t shut things off. These individuals frequently set their own particular issues aside and rather focus around others’ issues, which might be an indication that they’ve been reincarnated as they are more centered on mending the world than healing themselves.

  1. You Dream About Another Life Over and Over Again
  2. Do you find that you regularly dream the same thing over and over, continually speaking and seeing similar situations and details down to the smallest details? Do you find that places and individuals in your dreams feel familiar and connected, or are they all connected with comparable time period? It might be that these are not really dreams, but instead memories that your spirit or your soul has been recalling from a previous life.

  1. You Experience Déjà vu Regularly
  2. While this can be an extremely popular phenomenon, this does not really refer to occasional bits and pieces or the odd feeling that you just felt off. Instead, this alludes to instances of clear sensation that this has happened before in which you realize that you have been in some place previously or met somebody previously, as your spirit recalls from your past life. You may visit a new city just to find that you know precisely where things are while you are there or meet another person just to find that you know insights about their experience with no clarification or explanations why.

  1. You Have Unexplainable Fears
  2. A few people encounter fears that are viewed as staggeringly odd or unreasonable. It’s believed that these feelings of dread, while can’t be explained in your present life, may really come from encounters in your past life. For instance, you were murdered because of poisonous bite from a strange animal in the forest; this may show in your present life as a source of great fear.  In case you are encountering fear of water, this might be because of a near death experience or maybe untimely death because of drowning in your past life.

  1. You Have Retrocognition and Precognition Experience
  2. Precognition, otherwise called future sight, is the capacity to acquire data about occasions or situations that have not yet happened but rather will at some phase later in time. This data may come to you in many different forms including, dreams, emotions and visions. Retrocognition on the other hand is the complete opposite, recalling memories or details from past occasions that aren’t available. While difficult to prove, these two encounters are signs that your spirit is loaded with sagacious vitality, usually found in mature and old souls.

  1. You Have Inherited Strong Intuition
  2. Strong intuition is said to be the result of an old soul, allowing an individual to significantly draw upon the universal knowledge that might not be available otherwise. There are instances that this knowledge comes from pieces of information resulting from experiences you have from a previous life wherein other periods of time are just reflections of your soul’s maturity. This Intuition draws deeper connection with universal truth.


Aside from these seven signs, you also find yourself being drawn to particular periods. For instance, do you adore the music and style of the 1920’s? Do you find yourself attracted to specific part of this time as motivation for decisions that you are making today? Do you feel being ‘called’ to a profession that would have been well-known during that time? This might be an indication that you have lived in a past life and it was particularly a happy time for your soul.

Whether it is in a past life or your present life, the key here is to be happy and live your life to the fullest. Reality is, we only have one life right now so make the most out of it. Create memories, reach out to others, love and be happy.