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7 Intriguing Signs Your Soul Has Walked This Earth Before

Souls are said to be immortal and thus capable of birth over and over again. Through these unique experiences, individuals have learned their lessons, have encountered different situations and significantly evolve spiritually. Finally, individuals graduate from physical birth. There are several theories that explain why this kind of process exists. That being said, many are surely curious about reincarnation and the physical signs of reincarnation.

10 Tips for Successful Emotional Healing

A lot of people are experiencing pain from emotional trauma. Did you know that an estimated 70% of adults in the US have suffered from a traumatic event at least once in their lives and 20% of such people go on to have PSTD or Post Traumatic Stress? Most of us endure psychological damages like failure and rejection as we go throughout life as often as we do physical damages. However, while we have the access to bandages and ointments to cure sprains and cuts no such tools can cure emotional pain.

6 Signs That Your Body and Mind Are Out of Sync

Is there something weird you feel right now? Or you might be asking yourself, “Why am I feeling out of sync with myself?” Are you hesitant to tell it to somebody whom you think can’t understand your situation? You are not alone! At some point in life, many people also feel the same way you do. Feeling disconnected from yourself is a condition you don’t have to ignore before it leads to depression and many health conditions that will impact your life. But how will you know if the feeling you have is a disconnection between mind and body? Watch out for these signs and examine yourself if you see some of these symptoms!

8 Ways Online Psychics Can Increase Your Productivity

Have you thought of consulting your future and most profound questions from an online psychic? Let’s face it, we all do! The trusted answers from online psychics allow you to become more productive more than you could imagine. Most too often, we expect after we heard their advice especially if they reveal positive things we like to happen. So, how can online psychics make you more productive? Here are the different ways it can help you!

12 Facts about Psychics That’ll Make Your Hair Stand on End!

Psychics are individuals claiming to use Extrasensory Perception or ESP in identifying information that’s hidden from normal senses specifically involving clairvoyance and telepathy. Psychics are individuals who also perform acts which are obviously inexplicable by natural law. Many individuals believe in these unique psychic abilities however, there are some who stated that there’s really no scientific consensus as to actual existence of such powers.