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Psychic Palm Readings And The 4 Different Hand Element Meanings

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Palm Readings, Psychics, Readings | 0 comments

Psychic palm readings or simply palm readings is one of the oldest psychic readings that has been around for centuries. Today, people most associates palm reading to fortunetellers they see on festivals and fairs. Most of these people are doubtful if there is any truth about reading your palm and seeing the future in it.

Palmistry is a form of divination that has been around since ancient times. Even today, psychics still include it in their overall reading. A true psychic has a trained eye capable of seeing a lot about a person. Similarly, a person can reveal so many things about himself unknowingly. A psychic can read those things to gather relevant information about the person and his life.

Psychic Palm Readings And The 4 Different Hand Element Meanings

Palm reading can include a number of things. However, its focus is mostly on examining the lines, the mounds, and general shape of your hand. Moreover, the psychic is also able to collect information about a person through observations, impressions, and feelings. Sometimes, a psychic may also use unique skills like psychometry or clairvoyance.

If you are looking to get a reading, knowing the terms used in the industry will help you know what to expect. In this article, you can learn about the things that usually happen during a psychic reading. Specifically, it will discuss the 4 elemental types of hands in palm reading. Here is what goes on during psychic palm readings.

Psychic Palm Readings – How It Works

This all starts by meeting a qualified psychic to complete a reading for you. It will be hard to get the best reading if you are a skeptic. As such, it is for the best that you keep an open mind while the reader examines your hand. A reading includes examining your whole hand, including your fingers. The psychic reads the lines on your hand, which relates to specific life events or traits.

Besides the lines, they also examine the raised areas or mounds located under the fingers or the thumb. A reading can take as much as an hour. It all depends on the policies and pricing of the palm reader as well as how much you want to discuss your reading. To help in better understanding your reading, the readers usually ask questions.

This is normal, which answering honestly would be great for better interpretation. Some readers or psychics have unique abilities they use to gather information about you. However, it is mostly by talking to your reader that allows the best way of interpreting your reading. If you can better understand your reading, then you will know what to do to get the best out of how it affects you.

4 Elemental Types of Hands in Palm Reading

As mentioned before, there is a long history of palm reading. Over those years, palm readers developed different kinds of systems to categorize human hand types. Some of the most popular systems are the philosophic, square, conic, psychic, spatulate, mixed, and elementary. Out of these, the simplest hand classification is elemental, which corresponds to – Earth, Wind, Air and Water Hands.

Based on the elemental categories, the Earth corresponds to square hands that have short fingers. Fire corresponds to people with oblong hands that have short fingers. Water is for those with oblong hands and long fingers. Lastly, people with square hands and long finger have Air elemental type of hand. The 4 elemental types of hands in palm reading closely relates to the elemental signs in astrology.


Earth hands are those that have square palms and fingers with an even top. This type of hand also usually has fingers and palm that is almost the same length. People with Earth hands have great perseverance. They are practical, reserved, responsible, conservative, down-to-earth, honest and reliable.

Usually, people with Earth hands are those who have fun doing repetitive work. They are good with their hands and are quite the hard-working individuals. When it comes to emotions, they are usually calm and peaceful with a strong sense of justice. There is a downside to the positive, one being they can be too stubborn sometimes.


People with short palms in an oval shape, as well as long flexible fingers, have Water-type hands. Those with this type of hand generally have an idealistic, imaginative and adaptable temperament. They are romantic individuals, with highly sensitive emotions. A lot of the time, emotions motivate water-type individuals.

Since these people are flexible when it comes to their ideas, other people may easily influence them. The interests of those with water hand shape usually include dreams, music, poetry and even psychic mysteries. They are often involved in charitable work, caring work or in spiritual vocations. Though artistic, they often have trouble in dealing with stress.


The Air hand refers to people that have square palms with long fingers. Usually, this type of hand has many clear lines on their palms. The temperament of Air hand type is they are communicative, independent and intellectual. Compared to another hand type, they use logic most of the time than intuition.

These people have so many ideas, eternally curious and quick-witted. They are great communicators, able to express themselves in a clear manner. For this reason, many of those with Air hand type are great in dealing in public work. Many consider them great companions – easy to get along and usually composed.


The Fire hand type refers to a hand with elongated palms and short fingers. This hand type belongs to the passionate individuals, people who are active and full of energy. Full of passion, they are typically good leaders. A characteristic of people with fire hand type is their hands have well-defined lines. Additionally, their palms are normally blotchy and red.

Their short fingers indicate they do not care so much about details. Their temperament includes being intense and motivated. Their interests range from socializing to sports, even where they are active. They often work in the industry, business or enterprise. To be happy, these people need to be busy especially since they are usually short-tempered.

These four are the most common types of hands in palm reading. Of course, there are other types and this type does not suit everybody. A person may have elongated palms and short fingers but is calm and collected. This is why you need the help of a qualified psychic to read your hands. Find a trained psychic for only they have the trained eyes to read the future written in your hands.