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Top 10 Recurring Dreams And Nightmares We Have And How To Stop Them

Top 10 Recurring Dreams And Nightmares We Have And How To Stop Them

Emotions as well as events in your actual life trigger bad dreams or nightmares. At some point, you will realize you’re having the same recurring dream. Other people might say your subconscious tries to send you a specific message. More often than not, the thought of asking their meaning would cross your mind.

Fortunately, there are a wide array of resources online that can help you figure out what they mean. You can also expect detailed dictionaries out there. Not only that, there are communities that give you the opportunity to share your experiences in forums for reliable interpretation.

Before seeking the help from others, it is important to know what your dreams are. Below is the list of the top 10 recurring dreams and nightmares. Take a look at the following and identify the one that gives you all the worries.

Top 10 Recurring Dreams and Nightmares We Have and How to Stop Them



Have you ever been trapped in a dream? Locked in a room? Or perhaps buried alive? Whatever the case may be, there is something in your life that makes you feel that way. Ask yourself about the wrong choice you made. Experts say that this indicates that you are not given the chance to live up to your potential. Maybe there is someone that is holding you back.

Finding the restroom

Finding the bathroom in a dream is also common among people. As part of the nightmare, the moment you find one, there are no toilets. They might be either damaged or missing. There are also situations that you have to wait for so long and then if it is your turn, the doors are gone.

This kind of dream might remind you that you need to pee. But others interpret it as your frustrations about not being able to get enough privacy. A bathroom is also a symbol for stressing yourself on how to increase income. But, it is a great way to help you avoid peeing the bed as well.


In cases when you are drowning in a nightmare, you might be overwhelmed by a problem or a situation in your life. Is there something you cannot handle? Or are you unable to finish a task according to your expectations? These might be the reasons why you always have this dream.


Dreams about flying are about freedom of expression or making something impossible a reality. When you are there, on top of victory, do not be afraid when you fly high during sleep. It just shows that you bring home the bacon.

When you are a superhero in a dream, this can be interpreted in a different manner. You might not have enjoyed your childhood days. Or you want to go back to the years when you were still a kid. Seek help from a reputable professional for more information.

Going nowhere

Going nowhere or running in motion like a turtle may signify that you are stuck in a difficult situation. It also indicates that you are facing adversities in your life. The same thing goes with the dreams of paralysis. You might be unable to succeed in the way you want.

Losing teeth

Some individuals say that losing teeth is a bad luck. There might be a loved one, a family relative or a friend that would die. But it is not like that. In fact, experts say that it could mean that things are deteriorating in your life. It also suggests being out of control or powerless.


Another dream that may happen or even recur is being naked in public. This could mean that you are afraid to be exposed. Or there is something that you’re hiding and only in a nightmare you could reveal the real version of yourself.

Do not wait for the time when you get irritable by this nightmare, take action. Be honest in front of other people and confront the situation. Be yourself and never be ashamed to show the world who you really are. With that, you can say bye to getting nude in a dream and hello to a memorable and good one!

Lost or unprepared

Dreaming of being unprepared or even lost in sleep is also common among people of all ages. This could mean that you are unprepared to deal with a real-life situation. A change in your career or home can also trigger this type of nightmare.

When this type if dream is giving you a heavy burden, make a move in your life. Be able to adapt to the innovation, growth or change around you. Be an optimist so that sweet dreams may indeed happen instead.


For sure, everyone, kids or even adults, has had this kind of dream. This is a sign that you cannot control a situation or signifies a loss of control or the fear of being abandoned. When this leads to depression and other potential dilemmas, consult a specialist ahead of time for your convenience and comfort.

Being Chased

Have you ever experienced being chased in a dream? If so, you are trying to run away from something. It could mean that you want to hide from something you have to face. Furthermore, it could be a traumatic experience you would want to forget or a feeling to avoid a difficult conflict.

There you have it, the list of the top 10 recurring dreams and nightmares. So, you now know what the Top 10 Recurring Dreams and Nightmares are, but how do you stop such recurring dreams and nightmares from happening?

Top 10 Recurring Dreams and Nightmares We Have and How to Stop Them

1. Be sure to get enough rest

Make sure to sleep at least 7 hours. Not getting enough rest may result in chronic issues that can affect your life. If you have a regular sleep cycle and sleep well, these dreams would either not take place or happen less frequently.

2. Seek professional psychic help

If you’ve been searching for a solution to help you overcome all these nightmares, there is no need to look further than getting help from a qualified psychic that specializes in dream interpretation. You will truly learn a lot and be able to have the sweetest dreams you could ever imagine!