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5 Ways You Can Use Lucky Numbers from Your Numerology Reading to Improve Your Life

5 Ways You Can Use Lucky Numbers from Your Numerology Reading to Improve Your Life

Many numerology websites always offer free lucky numbers based on numerology reports. If you’re into psychic energies and some mysticism, you must have heard about the importance of numbers. According to numerology, you can uncover many things about the world through numbers.

5 Ways You Can Use Lucky Numbers from Your Numerology Reading to Improve Your Life

Using numerology, it’s said you can better understand the world and yourself as well. There are many ways you can use numbers to influence things in your life. This article will help you out with five incredible ways how you can lucky numbers can improve your life.

Luck and Numbers

In numerology, there are no random lucky shots. When people win in a lottery, lucked out on a new job or won a prize, they mostly chalk it up just something incidentally happening making you lucky. But if you knew numerology, it might surprise you to learn it isn’t random things that produced such ‘luck’.

There is deliberate order in a series of numerical events leading to the particular “lucky” event you had.  It’s in the fact that numbers rule the universe just as everything in life vibrates. Everything around you resonates in a certain frequency, which is not different with numbers.

If you open your eyes, you will learn everything around you is connected to numbers. Numbers govern even the most mundane things in life. You will notice that a clock controls your day. It’s evidenced by the things you need to do in a specific time.

Numbers order everything in life. This means there are no random acts of luck in the world. There is always a pattern, which will determine an outcome. The good thing is you don’t need to find the world’s pattern to harness the power of numerology.

All you need is to find your lucky numbers and incorporate them into your life to make it better. Your lucky numbers can influence and bring a lot of positive into your life. On that note, here are some of the ways you can use your lucky numbers.

1. Lottery

One of the most common ways you can use your lucky numbers is in winning a prize in a lottery. Many use numerology to find out their lucky lottery numbers to win. The question is ‘how?’ First, you’re going to need to find a service that offers to find “My Lucky Lottery Numbers.”

The good news is there are many websites offering numerology reading. The bad news is you don’t know if any of them actually practices numerology. On that note, here are some tips on how to find out your personal winning numbers.

Your Primary Number

There are some disagreements about which birth number is more significant. But many agree that the birth date or primary number is the most influential number. It applies to you in every aspect, not just lottery. It’s also easy to find out your primary number.

After all, it’s only the day you were born. If you were born September 4, 1992, then your birth date is 4.  If your birth date is 31, your primary number is 4. This is because in numerology, you must always reduce a number to its lowest value. In this case, 3 + 1 = 4 thus 4 is the primary number.

Of course, it’s only an example. If you learn more about numerology, you can find out more techniques on how to calculate your lucky numbers. There are a number of ways to do that and one article won’t be enough to cover them all.

2. Compatability

The lottery is not the only way you can use your lucky numbers. One way you can use it is by finding love. If you are unhappy or unfortunate in love, your lucky numbers can help change that. You can check out websites offering numerology reports as well as free compatible reports.

You will be able to check if your current partner’s lucky number and yours match. If you don’t have a partner yet, you can use your numbers to know your best and worst bets for success in romance. Numerology is one of the most interesting ways of evaluating relationships.

3. Date of Wedding

Determining the best date of the wedding is one of the most common influences of numerology. People all over the world, even those who aren’t familiar with the practice, use numbers this way. On that note, you can use a website to generate date of wedding reports.

Or, you can use your primary number or your partner’s for the date. If there are any significant numbers in your relationship, those are good numbers to use. You don’t always have to use numerology reports but if you want to, of course, you can.

4. Child’s Name

Another common way of using lucky numbers is in finding a good name for a child. One of the ways to use number related to child’s name is by transforming each letter of the name into numbers. Then you can look up the energies concerned with those numbers.

Choosing a name with a great energy based on mysticism can reflect good qualities in your child’s life. Numbers are said to have cosmic powers and picking a name related to your lucky number is like bestowing good luck to your child.

5. Journeys

If you are planning to travel, you can also use numerology to have the best experience and have a safe trip. Lucky numbers work well in choosing flight dates, time of landing, seats, hotel rooms, and more. Choosing the numbers well can help you have an exceptional vacation.

Travel numerology is also related to finding the best places to live or work. If you plan to move but haven’t decided where yet, using numerology might help. Based on your lucky numbers, you can find the perfect place with a significant effect on your happiness, health, wealth and success.

So here are some of the ways you can use your lucky numbers to influence in your life. They are by no means 100% accurate. However, they can be great guidance in your life. Now, if you’re interested to learn more about numerology, don’t hesitate to seek the help of a professional psychic.

Numerology in Tarot Readings and What Tarot Card Numbers Mean

Numerology in Tarot Readings and What Tarot Card Numbers Mean

Have you ever wondered what those numbers in the tarot cards mean? Tarot and numerology have similarities, and when combined, they give us a better insight into our future, relationship, and dreams. Each number has a corresponding symbol and understanding each will provide you with a perspective of the thing you want to interpret. It allows us to see the messages that card intends to convey.

The numerology in tarot readings produces a more accurate reading. It is said to be the science of numbers. Even the ancient people believe that reading the numbers alone allows you to predict something and gives you an idea of the hidden truth. It seems like they are mystical and powerful because through them, you can read the personality of a person or know something they did.

Numbers are also associated with geometry and algorithm. Therefore, all things have patterns. Take your date of birth as an example. The numbers behind it help us understand ourselves.

Numerology in Tarot Readings and What Tarot Card Numbers Mean

Reading the meanings of a number in the tarot card is very simple and straightforward. Before we share with you the meaning of numbers from 1 to 10, it is essential to know the basics first, so you can apply them correctly. Remember, numbers from 1 to 9 are considered the root numbers while ten could be an ending or beginning.

The Major Arcana cards have numbers from 1 to 20 while the Minor Arcana cards are numbered from 1 to 10 each, plus the four cards following the number 10 in each suit.

There are 56 Minor Arcana cards all in all. 40 of them are numbered cards, and 16 are Court cards. 40 of them are divided into four suits:

Pentacles – (element: earth) years, winter, money, career

Cups – (element: water) months, autumn, relationships, emotions

Swords – (element: air) weeks, spring, thoughts, communication, truth, intellect

Wands – (element: fire) days, summer, energy, inspiration

Each number in the suit indicates the aspect of human experience and consciousness.

Since there are numbers following after 10, how do we read each of them?

Numbers repeated on the card indicate significance. It may show a length of time whether something might happen or how long does a situation occur.

Sequential numbers indicate that something starts or ends. It also shows the nature of the situation. Sequential numbers from 1 to 3 points that a situation is developing or is in progress yet while 7 to 9 shows that the case is going to end.

What is the Role of Zero in the Card

Also called the “Fool,” zero is the most powerful tarot card. It means a new beginning and something in your past life must end.

Nothingness; it is also the number ‘God’ force; wholeness, energies of eternity; it means you should listen to your intuition

What Tarot Card Numbers Mean

Before you go over the following numbers, remember that odd numbers refer to masculinity, leadership, and breaking away. On the other hand, even numbers indicate femininity, harmony, and balance.

Note that the reversed or upright cards also have meanings. It often means imbalanced energy, or too much or too little energy.


The point of origin, starting over, new beginnings, individuality, aspiration, ideas; a stage where something is about to begin; early stage of development; leadership, happiness, fame, glory, willpower, positivity

Several 1s means that the situation you are reading is just coming; abundance of 1s means positive changes and plenty of opportunities

Reversed meaning – lack of emotion, single-minded, aggressive, arrogance, stubborn, dominant


Commitments, marriage, duality, sharing, balance, harmony, agreement, partnership, understanding, well-mannered, attention to detail, artist

Several 2s means a difficult choice or doubtfulness; abundance of 2s means you need to make the decisions and take action on them

Reversed meaning – inflexible, indifferent, fear of making mistakes, fear of being alone, submissive, fearful, pessimistic


Growth, versatility, creativity, abundance, fertility, friendship, joy, compassion, humor, sensitivity, freedom-seeking

Several 3s means a situation is disorganized or many people are trying to control the situation; abundance of 3s means someone has to take charge

Reversed meaning – anti-social, laziness, sorrow, immaturity, lack of stamina


Foundation, power, family securities, planning, structure, formation, stability, practicality, determination, manager, honesty, trust, progress, hard work, dependability

Several 4s means delays or disappointment especially if nothing of your hope had happened; abundance of 4s means you need to be patient and persistent

Reversed meaning – workaholic, dishonest, undisciplined, clumsy, disharmony


Conflict, loss, expect the unexpected, disruption, challenges, change, fluctuation, material prosperity

Several 5s means lots of ups and downs or challenges, abundance of 5s means you need to analyze the situation profoundly or seek someone’s guidance and advice

Reversed meaning – irresponsible, inconsistent, thoughtless, unreliable, non-committal


Communication, harmony, peace, comfort, love, care, romance, success

Many 6s indicate empowering oneself or a period of adjustment

Reversed meaning – unsupportive, easily stressed, selfishness, restlessness, weak


Assessment, spirituality, intellectual, resourcefulness, luck, victory, wisdom, knowledge; faith on something that does not exist

Abundance of 7s means a situation you did not expect shows up to help you

Reversed meaning – pride, lack of persistence, temper, silent, argumentative, depression


Rebirth, capability, action, movement, speed, energy, business, infinity

Abundance of 8s indicate that you are on the right track or you are near on your goal

Reversed meaning – anti-social, blunt, unimaginative, impractical, disorganized, ruthless, materialistic


Fulfilment, outcome, closing, completion, reflection, introspection, idealism; giver of inspiration

Several 9s indicate a transition period but could sometimes mean uncertainty

Reversed meaning – uncaring, cannot forgive, disloyal, insensitive, uncommunicative


End of the cycle, outcome, another cycle, rebirth; endings transform into new beginnings

Abundance of 10s means that someone is having difficulty in letting go of the past; a lot of 10s means someone needs to move on

Numerology in Tarot Readings

Now, combine the meaning of each number, and you will be able to read the symbol of the card. Let’s say you got this type of card:

Cups with number 5

Cups refer to relationship, five means conflict

Now, is reading a tarot card easy? Try it now!